• In a multi domain AD forest, Connection servers are part of one child domain and end users connect from other child domains.
  • You see Connection Server Services to be running.
  • However, you are unable to access View Administrator you are unable to connect using Horizon Client.
  • You see long waiting thread in ws_diag log file for 'getknowndomains' call.
    • Example:
ajp-nio-8009-exec-1 [311031.250] --> 5+ hours (Unknown) (Unknown) @ 657
When end users from child domains connect to Connection server, it contacts Global Catalog (GC) server for multiple purposes (Example : To retrieve users / group information of other domains)

For this query to be successful, there should be network connectivity between Connection Server and GC server.
In Connection Servers, if the parent domain (GC) name resolves to IP with which it does not have connectivity. The queries will get stuck and Connection Server services will stop responding after few hours.
  1. Ensure there is network connectivity between "Global Catalog" and Connection Servers.
  2. Ensure the telnet command is able to fetch the details with IP and port arguments from the connection server to GC.