• View Composer service fails to start after modifying View Composer DSN Password and account used to connect to Vcenter Server
  • Attempting to change the vCenter Server user password or user name on View Admin page fails with error:

    bad user name or password

  • Attempting to accept the vCenter Server certificate in the View Manager Administrator portal dashboard fails,You see the error:

    Cannot start the View Composer service

  • vCenter Server related functions fail, such as powering on and off VDI desktops, adding or deleting linked clone desktop fails
  • Performing View Composer operations on View desktop fails with errors:
Unable to provision or recompose desktops.
Unexpected VC fault from View Composer.
NoPermissionFault was thrown by the VC server.
Permission to perform this operation was denied.
Error saving vCenter entry.
The service is not working properly.

You may experience issues with View linked cloned desktop operations if:
  • View Manager or Composer user does not have the required permissions or do not belong to the group that has the required permissions.
  • View Composer new password for is not reflected in the SviWebService.exe.config file.
  • View Composer stores the vCenter Server password in the View Composer database in an encrypted format and not updated while the View Composer was running.
To resolve Provisioning and View Composer operations issues:
  • Ensure that the View Manager or Composer user configuration is correct and the user account has sufficient permissions to administer the vCenter Server environment.

    For more information on the prerequisites and the permissions required by the user, see:

    The Privileges required for the vCenter Server User section in the View Installation Guide.
    TheView Composer Privileges Required for the vCenter Server User section in the View Installation Guide.
  • Ensure the new View Composer password is reflected and updated on SviWebService.exe.config file
To update the SviWebService.exe.config file use SviConfig utility, For more information, see The View Composer service fails to start after the Composer DSN password is changed (1022526)