The SSL certificate that is used by the View Composer service is bound to a certain port by default. You can replace the default port by using the SviConfig ChangeCertificateBindingPort utility.

About this task

When you specify a new port with the SviConfig ChangeCertificateBindingPort utility, the utility unbinds the View Composer certificate from the current port and binds it to the new port.

During installation, View Composer configures the Windows firewall to open the required default port. If you change the port, you must manually reconfigure your Windows firewall to open the updated port and ensure connectivity to the View Composer service.


Verify that the port you specify is available.


  1. Stop the View Composer service.
  2. Open a command prompt on the Windows Server host where View Composer is installed.
  3. Navigate to the SviConfig executable file.

    The file is located with the View Composer application. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware View Composer\sviconfig.exe.

  4. Type the SviConfig ChangeCertificateBindingPort command.

    For example:

    sviconfig -operation=ChangeCertificateBindingPort -Port=port number

    where -port=port number is the new port to which View Composer binds the certificate. The -port=port number parameter is required.

  5. Restart the View Composer service to make your changes take effect.

What to do next

If necessary, manually reconfigure the Windows firewall on the View Composer server to open the updated port.