You use View Administrator to modify the external URLs for a security server.

You initially configure these external URLs when you install a security server in the View Connection Server installation program.

The secure tunnel external URL, PCoIP external URL, and Blast external URL must be the addresses that client systems use to reach this security server.



  1. In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Servers.
  2. Select the Security Servers tab, select the security server, and click Edit.
  3. Type the Secure Tunnel external URL in the External URL text box.
    The URL must contain the protocol, client-resolvable security server host name and port number.
    Note:You can use the IP address if you have to access a security server when the host name is not resolvable. However, the host that you contact will not match the SSL certificate that is configured for the security server, resulting in blocked access or access with reduced security.
  4. Type the PCoIP Secure Gateway external URL in the PCoIP External URL text box.
    In an IPv4 environment, specify the PCoIP external URL as an IP address with the port number 4172. In an IPv6 environment, you can specify an IP address or a domain name, and the port number 4172. In either case, do not include a protocol name.
    For example, in an IPv4 environment:
    Clients must be able to use the URL to reach the security server.
  5. Type the Blast Secure Gateway external URL in the Blast External URL text box.
    The URL must contain the HTTPS protocol, client-resolvable host name, and port number.
    By default, the URL includes the FQDN of the secure tunnel external URL and the default port number, 8443. The URL must contain the FQDN and port number that a client system can use to reach this security server.
  6. Verify that all addresses in this dialog allow client systems to reach this security server host.
  7. Click OK to save your changes.


View Administrator sends the updated external URLs to the security server. You do not need to restart the security server service for the changes to take effect.