After cloning an active View desktop in the vSphere Client, View Manager reports the status of the original desktop as Agent Disabled.
When a virtual machine is cloned in the vSphere Client, the customization does not change the machine ID in the View Agent hive of the registry. Both the original and cloned virtual machine attempt to communicate with the Connection server using the same ID. The Connection server ignores these conflicting messages.
To resolve this issue:
  1. Remove the View Agent from the cloned virtual machine.
  2. Remove this registry key and all its subkeys:


    The View desktop should now resume communication with the Connection server.

  3. If required, reinstall the View Agent on the cloned virtual machine to create a manual View desktop.

    For more information, see Install View Agent on a Virtual Machine in the VMware View 5.0 Administration Guide.
Note: Due to restrictions on Windows customization, VMware recommends to use this cloned virtual machine as a parent for additional View desktops clones.
 Update History
05/29/2014 - Added Horizon View 5.2 and 5.3 to Product Versions.