This article provides information on troubleshooting common dashboard errors that appears on VMware View Administrator.
VMware View Administrator is the Web interface through which you configure View Connection Server and manage your View desktops
This tables list the common issues appearing on View dashboard and the corresponding articles that helps to troubleshoot these issues:
NoSymptomsError MessageKnowledge Base Articles
  • The View Manager dashboard displays a red arrow on vCenter Server in the System Health panel.
  • Cannot connect to the VMware Horizon View Connection Server /Security Server after a restart.

The service is not working properly

  • View Administration dashboard displays Connection Server and Security Server in red status
  • The certificates on the server are valid.
  • Connecting with a View Client returns an error message saying the Certificate is untrusted
  • The certificates on the server are valid.
Server's certificate cannot be checked
  • Unable to deploy virtual desktops to a second domain
  • Adding a secondary domain to VMware View environment fails
  • Attempting to change the vCenter Server user password or user name on View Admin page fails.
Bad domain name