• Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • VMware ESX
  • Hyper-V


  • How to subscribe VMware guest running on ESX or ESXi to Red Hat Virtual Datacenter subscription.
  • How to subscribe Hyper-V guest to Red Hat Virtual Datacenter subscription.
  • How to register systems using the Virtual Data Center subscription.


Diagnostic Steps

            uuid      string    "5e5bca01-183f-e011-8f3c-0013d4d9c9f6"    <------- this is UUID of esxi.

    * RHEV-M virtual host's UUID:

            https://<rhevm host>/api/hosts
            <host href="/api/hosts/8adb9352-c37f-11e2-9b45-525400748d70" id="8adb9352-c37f-11e2-9b45-525400748d70">
            ----> ID is UUID.

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