• Unable to install VMware Horizon View Security Server.
  • Prepare for Upgrade or Re-installation option for Security Server is not available.
  • When installing the Connection Server software and selecting the Security Server role, you see this error when pairing with an internal Connection Server:

    Unable to connect to server connection_server_fqdn on TCP port 8009. Please check that the specified Connection Server is running and that TCP port is not being blocked by a firewall.
The Prepare for Upgrade or Re-installation option is, by default, greyed out if IPsec is not being used on your Connection or Security Server(s).
This issue occurs if:
  • The Security Server has been paired with the Connection Server before and there are existing IPsec rules present on the Connection Server that prevent the connection.
  • The existing Windows Firewall Connection Security Rule are corrupted.

To resolve this issue, remove any existing VMware View Security Server pairing rules in the Connection Security Rule configuration of the server's Windows firewall.

To remove existing View Security Server pairing rules:

  1. Click StartControl PanelWindows Firewall.
  2. Click Advanced Settings. The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window opens.
  3. Click Connection Security Rules in the left pane.
  4. Right-click all pairing rules in the right pane and click Delete.
  5. In the View Administrator, navigate to ServersSecurity Servers and select the server.
  6. In the More Commands section, click Prepare for Upgrade to Re-installation.