1) Shutdown of all VMs with the exception of OmniStackVc and vcenter VMs;

2) Identify which node vcenter is located;

3) Shutdown the OVCs (OmniStackVC) from all hosts except the host that contains the
vcenter through the SVT Plugin, one by one waiting it to in poweroff state before going to next.

4) Shut down all hosts(or maintenance mode as needed) with the exception of the host containing the vcenter VM.

5) Shut down vcenter VM through the graphical interface (right click on VM -> Power -> Shutdown Guest);

6) Then go to last OVC trouugh ssh connection do the following commands :

# sudo su
# source /var/tmp/build/bin/appsetup
# stop svtfs (espere até que o prompt retorne com a mensagem "stop/waiting")
# shutdown -hy now

The problem :

After shutdown the first OVC the second one hangs, we had waited more than 45 min and nothing happens, the only way to shutdown is forcing it with "shutdown -hy" command.

Only after forcing the shutdown in second OVC we execute the step 6(listed before).